Turn on the TV or visit your favorite web page, and chances are you will stumble on a news report of a security breach or a system outage at one of your favorite (or perhaps least favorite) companies. With security at the forefront of most businesses minds, Taksa offers Systems Administration, Engineering, and IT Security services. Damodhar Takalkar has been providing those services to our clients since 2014.

Damodhar began his career as a System Administration in 2008 and completed his degree from Pune University in 2012. He provides services to our clients that range from network administration and security, to smaller day to day activities like managing user access, and performing patches and updates on servers. As people, who seek to hack or cause disruptions to business operations, get more sophisticated, Damodhar ensures he stays ahead of them. “I make sure to stay current on industry best-practices by staying active on IT security forums and blogs, and by actively participating and reading industry newsletters, specifically from Microsoft,” Damodhar said.

Damodhar lives with his wife and two children, a five year old daughter and three year old son. In his spare time Damodhar enjoys spending time with friends and terrain tracking. “My friends and I will pick a new exciting place to visit, and map out our journey. We meet somewhere in the morning and trek to a particular destination, seeing as much of the scenery as we can along the way,” Damodhar said.