Srinivas holds a Sr. Technical Lead position and is a advanced application developer at Taksa. He started his career from a small institute in India by freelancing small development projects after receiving his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Andhra University. Starting with .NET technology, Srinivas’s interest in Microsoft based technologies grew, and he has advanced his skills from basic application development to more advanced coding and systems integration. “I like to target certain certifications and then work hard to learn and master them. I currently hold certifications in SQL Server Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance as well as Developing ASP .Net, MVC Web Application from Microsoft. I’ll be targeting the Dynamics CRM certification next,” Srinivas said.

Srinivas began working for Taksa in February 2013 and immediately noticed a difference working with North American based companies. “Everyone was so punctual, respectful, and dedicated to their work, it was really great,” Srinivas said.

Srinivas currently lives in Pune, Maharashtra with his wife and two sons, aged 5 and 2. “I’m really focused on providing my kids a great education, and allowing them to find their passion and follow it,” Srinivas said.In his free time, Srinivas enjoys spending time with his family, and pursuing his personal passions of photography and writing short film stories. He has also done some freelance work on short movies as well and enjoys taking on new challenges.