Keeping up with constantly changing trends in web development and design can be a tall order for a busy company. Ensuring visitors have the best experience on your website is one of the most important factors in converting visitors to leads. At Taksa, we have a variety of resources dedicated to staying up with the latest in web design and development, including Web Developer Tamal Dey.

Tamal began taking an interest in web development five years ago, and became fascinated with different website designs and builds. Drawing on his passion for learning, Tamal set out and taught himself web development utilizing a variety of resources. Now, he has the career he wanted. “I try and stay up to date on new trends in web development by following industry-best blogs and forums and actively participating in them. I try and gain as much knowledge as I can from experts and peers,” Tamal said.

Tamal and his wife live in Vadodara, Gujarat in western India. He has had a passion for learning since his young age, and continues pursuing that passion today by learning about photography, websites, coding, and other technology related topics like computers and mobile devices and also enjoys PC gaming.