The challenges that are faced in hiring fresh recruits from universities and colleges that don’t meet the industry standards can affect two major factors in an organization: quality and sustainable growth. Forward-thinking organizations are building talent strategies that not only meet the financial goals of their workforce but also demonstrate dynamic growth for their specialized area as well accommodating flexible work environments. When effectively done, the result is a more symbiotic relationship between the success of the organization and the professional aspiration and contentment of the workforce.

Taksa Virtual Lab (TKV) is designed to bridge the gap between campus education and industry expectations from the real world. The result is a certified, industry-trained, low-cost, process-driven resource that provide value-added services which will be crucial to enhance the performance of your overall business.

Participants in TKV will be assigned to work on real projects with real deadlines and real client expectations. TKV clients have the opportunity to establish target projects and benefit from the resulting delivery at costs much lower than standard application development.

Taksa Lab offers different programs focused to industry-leading technologies including but not limited to:

  • Client Side Framework – JavaScript, jQuery, Ext JS
  • Server Side Scripting – ASP.Net, C#, MVC
  • Open Source Web Application – Ruby, Ruby on Rails


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