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Offshore Staffing that feels like Next Door!

  • Taksa bridges the offshore gap so you can realize the benefits without the downside
  • Benefit from a “down the hall” feel with culturally integrated top talent
  • The Taksa leadership team brings over a decade of global sourcing experience to ensure your success

Low Risk, High Performance

Process driven, on-time completion with a single point of contact

Beyond Cost Reduction

We help avoid the pitfalls of traditional offshore companies

Barrier Free Communication

Bridge the cultural and geographic divide with a proven work model

Our Mission

To provide customers with a high level of attention to every project and the right balance of management control that allows quality output and substantial cost reduction.

Taksa Business Value Traditional Offshore Project
Custom build your team with specific skill-set – high client involvement in recruitment Team Building Limited to existing employee/team of sub-contractors, generally no involvement in employee/team recruitment/termination
Lower cost – reduced total costs through lower churn by ensuring properly recruited and trained talent Cost Higher costs as a result of frequent churn and lower quality placements
Higher level of control, direct interaction, and ongoing involvement with team Management Control Lower level of control, direct interaction, and ongoing involvement with team
An extension of your team. Benefits similar to having your own employees Engagement Feels more like a sub-contractor relationship.
Flexibility to align schedule to US or global work shifts Schedule Usually limited to the existing office hours of the sub-contractor
Client involvement in the creation of specification and deliverables Project Management Usually restricted to client writing functional specifications and handing over deliverables to vendor
Long-term full-time positions incorporated Employee Engagement Typically short-term, project or contract positions
Ownership by client Intellectual Property Usually negotiated between client and vendor

Our entire business model is pioneered around “Offshore staffing that feels like next door”. The Taksa employee engages as a full-time employee of the client right from their on-boarding process. Taksa focuses on Human Resource, Administration, Infrastructure, and the Financial aspects of the employee’s day-to-day operational role; while our clients focus on the functional aspects. We believe that this hybrid model is the best of both worlds – an employee, and a contractor. The model is designed to provide clients with a high level of attention to every project and the right balance of management control that allows quality output and substantial cost reduction.

Taksa Advantage

15+ years of experience

The Taksa offshore engagement model helps eliminate common challenges to achieve a global workforce.

advantage team
  • It all begins with our rigorous recruiting process that identifies top skilled resources with strong language skills that seamlessly integrate into our clients’ established culture. It continues with the dedication and investment put into building the resources’ experience by providing an environment for them to thrive and serve our clients better.

  • The unique ‘Your Calendar’ model allows you to choose the outsourcing strategy that best suits your needs. Which means, at Taksa, we take a follow-the-sun approach, meaning that no matter where our clients business is located, we help them keep it running around the clock.

  • Taksa is dedicated to scheduling resources in a timely fashion to help our clients manage projects closely while allowing the onshore and offshore teams to work collaboratively in an agile manner.

  • The resources engage and interact with our clients as an extension of their team that feels like next door. They follow a rigid communication pattern, as well, that helps to provide clients regular updates and reports.

  • We provide dedicated resource staffing for the length of our clients’ engagement allowing for greater efficiency and responsiveness to their needs.

  • Our resources utilize the secure systems and environments on their project work and day-to-day operations, that are managed by our clients, eliminating the challenges many clients face regarding liability, loss of work, and security.

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Businesses that actually Realize Return on Investment From Offshore

The Taksa Advantage reduces risks and helps assure ROI

Beyond Cost Reduction

95 %

Client Satisfaction Rating

43 %

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Barrier Free Communication


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