Let the right talent mix drive innovation.

Taksa extends your local teams capacity to develop competitive digital solutions.

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Low Risk, High Performance

Process driven, on-time completion with a single point of contact.

Beyond Cost Reduction

Avoid the pitfalls of traditional offshore companies with an established CoE model.

Barrier Free Communication

Bridge the cultural and geographic divide with a proven work model.

Taksa as an extension of your team.

Now more than ever, organizations are finding it difficult to realize innovation within their walls. Misalignment of corporate resources and legacy infrastructure slows down businesses causing them to constantly play catch-up as industry trends are rapidly changing. Taksa fosters innovation by augmenting your existing onshore team through dedicated talent resources developing for the technology stack required to stay competitive. With the roadblocks removed, innovation flourishes and your organization makes the transition from industry trend seeker to industry leader.

Business Values

Tailored Team

High degree of involvement in recruitment process to custom build your team for a specific skill-set.


Reduce total costs by focusing on the innovation potential of your core team and productivity potential of dedicated talent resources.

Management Control

Higher level of control, direct interaction, and ongoing involvement with team


An extension of your team (for long or short-term positions) with the same reliable traction as your in-house employees.


A follow-the-sun approach, so there is flexibility to overlap and align the workday hours of your business.

Intellectual Property

Ownership in your hands.

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Choose Your Tech Stack

Our dedicated Center-of-Excellence (CoE) managed services retainer engagement model helps augment our client's onshore team with resources that have both deep soft skills and technical expertise.

The Taksa Advantage

Our 18+ years of experience allows us to deeply understand an organization's unique needs, forging a strategic partnership that goes beyond mere task execution. We align our expertise with the client's vision and enhance their business goals through informed, collaborative action.

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