High-Caliber Personnel Model

While the IT outsourcing industry has evolved, and more qualified outsourcing companies have become available in recent years, we still see vast majority of them often wrangling whatever talent they can find and throwing them at projects, without any real vetting or detailing.

At Taksa, we believe that both the consultants we choose to present, and the clients we present them to, deserve a higher level of respect. The focus is also on integrating our team culturally with client’s organizations so they structure naturally as a single team. Further, we know that when you take the time to know your candidates, and to take an active role in their careers, they are more likely to thrive, and provide a higher quality work product to our clients. The result is our consultants and our clients are achieving success at a greater rate.

Communication and engagement model

Communication &
Engagement Model

Offshore resources engage and interact through the entire project engagement life cycle, from project feature development hourly estimation, to solution design, deployment, and support –maintaining open lines of communications through all times. This process and model helps ensure that every resource that is allocated and associated to our client interacts and engages just like any other onshore team member within their organization. We respect unique internal workings and understand the importance of regular and accurate reporting.

The model also has a defined communication pattern the resource goes through during their onboarding process which helps overcome the typical challenges of communication and interaction between onshore and offshore teams. This communication pattern helps in reducing the engagement gap and keeps the momentum going on projects thus avoiding to be one of the prime reason of missing project deliverables.


Close-Knit Team Approach

Our distinctive approach towards scheduling resources not only helps our clients to manage their projects closely but also allows both teams to work effectively in a more agile and iterative way. This model provides the onshore team better control over the offshore team with daily project schedules and interactions. The model also helps in having a close-knit between onshore and offshore teams thus reducing the obvious gaps, and provides a clear visibility of the resources’ timely work schedules and defines clear daily expectations. This work ethic allows both teams to stay on top of their projects’ deliverables.


Your Calendar Model

The unique ‘Your Calendar’ model allows you to choose the outsourcing strategy that best suits your needs. Which means, at Taksa, we take a follow-the-sun approach, meaning that no matter where our clients business is located, we help them keep it running around the clock, while providing a seamless experience across all operations.


Dedicated Resource Staffing Model

Priority is one of the biggest challenges that is faced and noticed in Outsourcing. Taksa understands those challenges and helps overcome those challenges through our dedicated resource staffing approach model.

We believe in having a dedicated resource team working completely on our client’s projects until the tenure of the engagement. This model not only promises greater efficiency and responsiveness to our client, but also focuses on delivering requirements on-time, within budget, and of high quality.


Operations Model

Liability, loss of work, security, and familiarity with network and systems, are some of the many key challenges and risks that one bears in mind when thinking of Outsourcing.

Taksa acknowledges those challenges and risks. To overcome them we propose in leveraging onshore tools and systems and collaborate and communicate using them. This underpins the foundation of keeping all teams synchronized with the tools and systems that is uniformly used by our clients thus reducing any unforeseen issues that could arise around unfamiliarity of network and systems at the time of delivery and deployment.

This model also helps in forming a work process on daily basis and helps keeping all communication and interaction between teams under the realm of systems that are secure and managed by our client.