Blazor for web development


Blazor is an advanced feature of a .NET web development framework, which you can use to produce web applications using the C# language. It offers reusable web components to integrate with HTML and CSS. While using Blazor, you can write both client and server-side code using the same language.


.NET 6


Microsoft no longer provides support for the .NET version 5.0 and all the users have to switch to .NET 6. It is an LTS release, offering stable support for up to three years along with assuring a hot reload, intelligent code auditing, and diagnostics using the Visual Studio 2022 version. Moreover, you can use the Crossgen2 with .NET 6 to shorten the application load time.

Microsoft .NET 6 is the culmination of the .NET unification that started with .NET 5. Cross-platform .NET 6 merges the .NET Core, .NET Framework, and Xamarin/Mono technologies into a single .NET Framework, unifying the SDK and runtime for desktop, mobile, web, and cloud applications.




Xamarin extends the .NET developer platform by providing tools and libraries for creating apps for iOS, Android, tvOS, macOS, watchOS, and Windows. Businesses from all sectors utilize Xamarin and .NET to create compelling native mobile apps. Apps made with Xamarin are native apps. Your apps will function as users expect, whether you’re designing a consistent UI across platforms or creating a native user interface.

Millions of developers use the thriving .NET ecosystem, which includes Xamarin. Share more than 75% of your code between platforms to make it easier to “write once, execute anywhere.” Xamarin is a component of the robust open-source .NET platform, which includes contributions from over 3,700 businesses.


ML.NET 1.4 Framework


Machine Learning (ML) has been a very influential factor guiding software development over the past several years. There are tons of tools and APIs for building applications that utilize Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for automation and big data analytics.

Microsoft has recently introduced one of the most advanced Machine Learning frameworks – known as – ML.NET 1.4 – which combines the features of Artificial Intelligence and data science. The framework provides all the necessary tools to integrate Machine Learning algorithms into .NET Core applications. With ML.NET 1.4, you can build web-based applications as well as desktop-based software with a slant towards data science applications.


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