Staff augmentation is an outsourcing model that allows you get highly skilled tech talent needed quickly. Staff augmentation provider shares with you team members that can fill your skill gap. You interview candidates and decide which candidates fit into your requirements. The augmented staff member you choose immerse themselves in your existing in house team, maintaining your company culture and working in line with your strategic goals. You can downsize or upscale your augmented team based on your needs.

To implement a staff augmentation plan at your company, you’ll often contact a staff augmentation provider, who will provide you with a skilled team to work with for the duration of your project. The number of personnel you hire and the length of their employment will be determined by your demands.

The cost-effectiveness of working with a Staffing Augmentation Agency Home is the most important benefit. Because qualified personnel are employed for a limited time, the company avoids the expenditures associated with a long-term full-time employee, such as salaries, benefits, taxes, and other fees. They may also lack the necessary abilities to work on a certain project. Staff augmentation allows businesses to hire on a temporary basis without sacrificing talent quality. It also reduces the expense of training new employees because augmentation professionals are hired for their skill in a certain field and require relatively little acclimation training.

Most businesses spend a lot of money on operations, especially during lean times, with a low return on investment. Staffing firms improve operational efficiency by providing flexible working environments. Companies that cooperate with staffing agencies avoid the expenditures of setting up shop in a new location, such as building, hardware, software, and operations. The experts operate from home or from the offices of the staffing firms.


Benefits of Staff Augmentation


  1. Access to a larger pool of Specialized Professionals
    Since most staff augmentation companies have branches around the world, you can have access to a larger pool of talent and not be limited to your area. This lets you hire specific or niche skills quicker and fulfill your requirements on time.
  2. Quality on a budget
    You may be running unnecessary overhead costs by paying full-time staff, especially as a startup. You will provide logistics, allowance and bonuses to improve their happiness. This is a different game with the staff augmentation model where you get to save by hiring high-level developers who will produce the same quality and quantity of work at a fractional cost over a period.
  3. Clear focus on needs
    You specify skills that you need to make the product better, and the outstaffing manager finds the best fit together with recruiters. This allows you to focus clearly on your needs and facilitate project execution by adding more tech talent to the project.
  4. Flexibility
    In staff augmentation, you are not the one who manages human resources. Consequently, you may replace developers, add more people to your team, and scale down if you need it.
  5. Gives full control of your project
    With a staff augmentation team you have full control over your project development and the team members follow the rules of your company for the period of the contract.


How to succeed with team augmentation


  • Identify the skill gap in your company

Once you have identified the gaps, you need to determine whether the resource is necessary on a long term basis or is the requirement just limited to the particular project. In case of the latter, staff augmentation is the way to go for bridging the gap.

  • Ensure clear communication

Clear communication has the potential to improve your bottom line. Your team needs to understand the vision, mission and project requirements. It is important to enhance the communication process in the development cycle so everyone can buy into decisions and contribute effectively to the projects at hand.

  • Choose the right partner

You can’t compare the selection process of staff augmentation vendors with other providers. Their strategies are usually different and they also recruit for specific cultures. Therefore, research is important. You need to also follow up and assess the credentials and track records of potential service providers


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