Today’s web development has created a technology wave with new frameworks and development trends. This too makes an individual developer as well as the companies to pace up with new technology trends.

Moreover all the framework serves the same business purpose, but from the wide varieties of web framework one should also decide the framework that best suits their business and customer needs.

Here are the few important points, one should consider before opting out for any web development framework.

Light Weight

This the main purpose web development frameworks are constantly evolving. All existing technologies are enhancing their frameworks to be as light as possible. In this fast running internet world we don’t want our website to be heavy and bloated with heavy frameworks that takes too much of our device memory. Also we don’t want the user wait for a long time for rendering any webpage. Light weight web frameworks also take care of the performance.


Today’s technology are targeting devices such as mobile, tabs, laptops etc. with different screen sizes and resolutions. So it is important to our web development framework to responds based on the different screen resolutions of devices.

Open Source

And finally one should opt for this point because as one says “It’s open source!” Just kidding but one should go for open sources because of its advantages like good community support, better enhancements and finally the source code is freely available. One also has the advantage of readily modifying the code to suit our needs. Open source code is generally created as a collaborative effort in which programmers improve upon the code and share the changes within the community. So the community support is also readily available here.

Along with all these points we should also consider the Tools & IDE for the development, as these tools make web development easy and faster.

Here are few mentioned Popular Web Development Frameworks:

Server side: Asp.Net Web Forms, PHP, JSP, Ruby on Rails, Asp.Net MVC and others

Client side: JQuery, AngularJS, BackboneJS, KnockoutJS, Ember, React, ExtJS and others.

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