This is the age of the Internet and to make your life smarter, Internet gave soul to numerous things such as gadgets, wearables, smart appliances, service industries, smart cities and so on. The world is surrounded with internet enabled devices and objects coming from different domains. But have you ever wondered where this is leading towards? Yes! The Internet of Things (IoT).

These embedded computing devices are interconnected uniquely in the existing INTERNET infrastructure. This is called interconnection of things, widely known as “The Internet of Things” (IoT).

Iot acts as the nervous system, connecting anything with everything in the world. The IoT allows objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across an existing network infrastructure. Sensors and actuators are used in this technology, which helps to collect real-time data consistently and which is further analysed to serve meaningful output. But as all these devices are over the internet they should have a unique identifier to distinguish itself from the vast interconnected devices. Therefore, IP address comes into picture which is a well-known thing on the internet. Every object is assigned to a unique ID and this would not be possible without the support of IPv6. IPv6 has the huge address space of 2128, ideally allowing power to each and every object in the world.

Tons of data collected from devices all over the world would be stored in cloud which can be further used for analytics thus providing solutions and insights to any business or systems in the world. As billions of devices are connected to each other device which becomes an intelligent system of systems. These systems when share data with each other, they can transform our businesses and lives in our world in countless ways.

For a bigger picture, imagine an intelligent device such as a smart traffic camera, the camera can monitor the road for congestion, accidents and weather conditions; and communicate that status to a main gateway that combines its data from other cameras creating an intelligent citywide traffic system.  Now imagine this citywide traffic system connected to the other citywide transported system which gets data from their own intelligent devices, creating a larger intelligent system of systems. Bigger possibilities arrives when the data is analysed. Suppose one of the camera detects any accident, this will be analysed and communicated to the other citywide transport system which will analyse it and derive an optimal route to avoid traffic in that city. This citywide transport system may also communicate with the other connected system, thus providing assistance to other systems. There are numerous ways we can take advantage of this technology.

These ever expanding system will change our lifestyle as system will become more efficient and smarter. Human intervention would be less as intelligent decisions are taken by machines. Which reminds me of the matrix movies.

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