In My 8+ years of experience in web development I have come across a lot of tool and technologies. Major part of my career I have worked on server side of the technology and its control. As you get more experienced and understand the basics of web development you realize that the sometimes these heavy server side framework has lots of baggage and has many unnecessary elements and processes that can be avoided and there has to be a better and more effective way of development.

In my current company (Taksa Data Intelligence) the emphasis was always to use new and more effective technologies to provide to our high profile clients a fast and effective solution with implacable quality. We Came across Ext.JS Sencha framework which is an extension of JavaScript but it has a language of its own with vast repository of controls and uses. Sencha Ext.JS can be integrated with all the major framework with ease also it can be used independently as a web solution.

The Sencha Ext.js was intelligently designed with the following purpose in mind:


  • Excellent and fresh UI design for the controls with several predefined themes
  • Ease of integration with any framework.
  • Object oriented approach for the language to keep evolving it during the time.
  • Excellent support for interaction of data with the UI or Controls
  • Independent web portal solution.
  • Mobile & Tablet friendly development like inbuilt touchscreen support.


We have completed a lot of projects using this framework and most importantly with very satisfied clients. We removed a lot of old and ineffective code from old projects and replaced them with new good looking, easy to handle and effective code/controls of Ext.JS. We also completed some very challenging tasks with the help of Sencha Ext.JS framework.

The most important thing Sencha is continuously improving the framework by releasing new versions in frequent intervals and there is considerable improvement in each version.


We at Taksa, a modern offshore resourcing company, have extensive experience in developing custom applications for our clients using advanced and modern skill sets/ frameworks. Contact us today to learn more about our service offering.