While SharePoint can be a handful for many small and medium size company, lots of Managers, CEO’s don’t fully understand or make best use of it. Instead of using SharePoint to solve organizational issues, many companies are still using the obsolete web-style technique of emails, spreadsheets, web-pages to resolve their issues.

SharePoint is all about simplifying the business process and not making it complex. And for this to happen, we need to isolate areas where SharePoint may be implemented HR, document management, quality control, project management etc.


The following 3 points are important for any business to take in consideration while using SharePoint. 

  1. Identify Issues: Every department in an office has issues that need to be solved. SharePoint can help in such cases. Department has lots of micro-management and preparation issues. For Ex : An important document needed for an urgent meeting is misplaced in chain of emails or it is hard to figure out which one is the latest version of that document, SharePoint document management is the answer for such issues and SharePoint is one of the best way to handle documents and contents.Similarly SharePoint Workflows are also a powerful tool to solve any complex business process in few minutes with minimal coding, the best use of workflow is an approval process where we can define different stages within the approval process and write business logic for each stage, SharePoint even has built some predefined Approval Workflow which is helpful at many places. Some of the SharePoint important features:Content Management: Collection, Collating, Managing important documents. SharePoint excels at hosting and organizing documents.

    Collaboration/ Teamwork: SharePoint helps to create a shared workplace where people can work together, maintain consistency, gets easy access to their work.

    Compliance: Workflow, document version control helps users to adhere to procedures and best practices.

  1. Implementation: Since SharePoint is such a big product it is important to clearly identify what as a company we are looking from SharePoint before setting it up. Make a plan, prepare some documents, analyze the requirement then only go for SharePoint. Any kind of guess work doesn’t work in SharePoint, although SharePoint can be customized and can add new features through coding but SharePoint doesn’t allow at any point to make changes in its Core system.
  1. I(E)xperienced Partner : Businesses that implement SharePoint to solve company issues without experienced Partner bring more issues/headaches.


Businesses should always seek to work with an experienced partner, SharePoint is not easy to start from Scratch since it is very big topic to cover.

Properly implemented, SharePoint can help manage business and being both cost and time effective.  A poor set-up can ruin the experience and cause users to blame the system.

We need to make sure to take advantage of these topics and build a correct SharePoint solution.

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